Pom pom heaven!

It hasn’t escaped my notice that pom poms are seriously IN right now! I remember making them ad nauseam as a child and not knowing what exactly to do with my finished products. Now I know. With serious insomnia occurring at the moment, I decided to use my time wisely and get crafty. Having bought a pom pom headband from ASOS for about £10 I realised I was missing a trick by not making my own. I have a craft box that is fit to bursting, enough glitter to make a unicorns lair look naff and plenty of ideas. Where headbands ended, rings began and here is just the start of, what I hope, will be pom pom heaven! Please excuse my less than glamorous self. Blame the aforementioned insomnia!





I’ll post more as I create, but I feel very happy at that start! Let me know if anyone wants any pom pom action and I’ll make you your very own.

Light and love, people. Mimi Cat xox


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