Janoski for Nike……


Stefan Janoski  is an American professional Imageskateboarder, artist, writer, and musician. His signature Nike SB trainers are generally quite tame, but then he launched these!

I’m not ordinarily a fan of neon colours. As a child of the 80s I feel I’ve had my day-glo days and feel no real need to revisit them, but there’s just something about these Janoski’s I love!

The tiger stripes compliment the neon colours perfectly and make them seem less ‘in your face’. They go with a surprising amount of clothes (I know I say this a lot and maybe they just go with my wardrobe because it is full of crazy colours and styles, but I think even the tamer trainer wearer will find them easy to style). I opted for the black laces to start with, but they also come with neon yellow ones. Maybe I’ll rock these out come summer!


Although I love how these trainers look, they hurt like hell to wear. Apparently Janoski’s are really tight as standard (I’ve been assured they will give with time), but they pinch a lot and should be worn in in short bursts at first. Don’t be tempted to go a size up just so they fit more comfortably. They will then  give too much and become loose.

If you fancy giving them a go then check out the Welcome Skate store site for these and many more. The staff are really helpful and know their stuff too!


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