Dance like noone is watching

When I first saw this video I was really surprised by how much coverage it received in the press. Then I thought about it and marvelled at the woman who was clearly in the zone and throwing caution to the wind when she started dancing at the bus stop.

Thinking noone is watching is the most liberating feeling in the world. We’ve all done it….danced in our living rooms, bust out a little move whilst walking to the bus stop or, my personal favourite, when pushing a shopping trolley through the supermarket (standing on the wheels and whizzing down the aisles takes me straight back to being 4 years old!) Everyone seems so afraid that someone will do something if they are caught acting out of social “norms”. It’s actually ridiculous.

I may be quite unusual in my behaviours (I know this to be true from the reactions of strangers and people I know alike!) However, I think it is extremely important to express yourself on a regular basis. As I wander along to work with my huge Hello Kitty headphones on (yes, they have ears and a bow too!) I will often do a little dance or sing along to the song I’m listening to. If people will stare then give them something to stare AT. What exactly is so scary about doing what everyone else WANTS to do?!

Maybe it is easier said than done. I did, after all, used to dress myself from a very young age. One of my most memorable outfits was a pink tutu, red wellies and pearls. Accessoried to the max and totally unaware that what I was wearing wasn’t acceptable attire – I was just dressing in what I wanted to wear that day and was innocent to social standards. I miss those days! I’m now totally aware of what is socially acceptable and not, yet I tend to fly in the face of this anyway. Hey, I looked good back then!


More of us should take heed from the lady in the video who, let’s face it, got so much praise for her bus stop dance, and start dancing like noone is watching. Try losing your inhibitions for just one day and see how fun life can be when you change the simple things and break free from how we’re socially conditioned to behave.

Light and love, people. Mimi Cat xox


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