The Adventures of Rocko Cat and Miss Mimi…..

Having written a lot of different genres over the years, I decided to try my hand at children’s stories. Inspired by the amazing tales my Dad concocted for me and my sister back in the 80s, about a little boy and his talking dog, I set to work.  His imagination stirred something in me as a child that will stay with me forever and, I’m sure, has made me into the creative thinker I am today. I now keep adding to my story on a regular basis. Mr B has already sketched out the front cover for me and, together, we’re going to keep at it until we create something wonderful. I hope you enjoy this first instalment:`


Rocko Cat was not like other cats. Yes, he looked and sounded like one, but on the inside he was very special indeed. He lived in a house with his mummy, Mimi, and liked nothing better than playing in the sunshine, catching flies and eating treats. He was a very big, fluffy cat with huge eyes. However, what most people didn’t know was that he could talk. Yes, Rocko Cat was a clever cat, but he liked to keep this part of himself secret and only shared it with his favourite person in the whole wide world, Mimi.

Mimi loved the fact that Rocko Cat had chosen her as the special person to reveal his more human side to. She was a very lonely little girl and, when Rocko Cat came into her life, her world changed…..for the better. She thought he was the cutest, most beautiful thing she had ever set eyes on and when she found out he could talk she was overjoyed. He understood her completely and they were never apart. The most wonderful part of their friendship was that Rocko Cat and Mimi loved adventure.

Obviously Rocko Cat had to appear like a normal cat to everyone else (or the secret would be spoilt), so Mimi asked for a beautiful lead to be made in red and white spots as a special birthday treat. The colours suited his glossy black fur perfectly and the lead meant that they could go on special walks together and he would be safe.

It started with adventures to the park where he talked about the trees and played with the bugs, but then he wanted to go further afield. One day he asked Mimi to take him further so he could see more of this wonderful world that he lived in. She agreed.

“You have to act like a normal cat, though, Rocko Cat, or people will find out your secret and will want to spoil our fun,” she said.

“Don’t worry, Mimi,” he said “I just want to see what exciting things we can get up to outside of our garden. You know I’ll never leave you and I only want to talk to you. Nobody else understands.”

“Ok then”, she said “let’s go to the seaside. We can get fish and chips, play on the arcade games and paddle in the sea”.

“Oh yay!” said Rocko Cat. “I can’t wait!” and he ran around in a circle and meowed like a normal cat to show how excited he was.

So they packed a bag with all the things they would need – a bucket and spade, picnic blanket, towel and snacks – and off they went to get the train.

“I’m so excited,” said Rocko Cat, “I heard they have huge birds there, called seagulls that sound as if they are laughing all the time. I think I’m going to like the seaside if it is that much fun”

“They do sound very cheerful, but they are cheeky things and love to steal people’s pic-nics”, Mimi warned, “we might have to be careful.”

“They do have donkeys though”, she continued, “I think you will like them. They are very gentle and let children ride on their backs for fun”

Mimi warned him that he would have to stay close by when they went to the train station as it would be very busy and full of people. She was worried about losing him, but he was happy to put on his lead and stay really close to her. He was a little frightened and kept meowing for reassurance, but knew he would be safe as long as Mimi was by his side. Train stations can be scary places for small animals so it was understandable that Rocko Cat felt a little bit unsure.

They bought their tickets and headed for the train. Rocko Cat was so excited by this point that his tail was wiggling and waggling all over the place. The sounds and smells were so new to him that he was a little overwhelmed at first. He could smell food everywhere and another, stranger smell that Mimi said was petrol that helped to make the trains move. He didn’t like that smell as much and tried to concentrate more on the food smells and the people rushing by. It wasn’t long, though, before he relaxed a little and started to think about his exciting adventure ahead.

As they were chugging along through the countryside they talked and talked about all of the things they would see and do once they reached the seaside. Rocko Cat could hardly contain his excitement. Lots of people were staring at the little girl and the beautiful cat by her side that she never stopped talking to. They thought she was very sweet talking to her cat so much even though he clearly couldn’t understand her. Little did they know that Rocko Cat was chatting away in response to Mimi and they were planning a great day out.

“I think I’m going to enjoy adventuring with Mimi,” he thought to himself as he watched the world go by through the window……to be continued!

Light and love, people. Mimi Cat xox


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