La Vida Loca – Molly Moo

ImageI recently became the proud Mother owner of a French Bulldog puppy called Molly. For those of you who know me (and now those of you who are getting to know me) saying I’m a little obsessed with Frenchies is an understatement. Below is just a tiny example of how much I love them:


Those are only a few of the French Bulldog items I own and, obviously, the tattoos were pretty extreme. I finally figured out, though, that if I saved up all of the money that I was spending on French Bulldog paraphernalia then I would be able to afford the real thing!

I trawled the internet and drove Mr B mad with my constant messages containing adverts with Frenchies for sale or pictures of cute puppies. Eventually, I found what I thought was the perfect one. A teacup Frenchie with a gorgeous mum and dad based in Leeds! I begged Mr B to go with me “just to look at her” knowing full well he would fall in love with her on the spot.

I need to quickly mention here that I’ve wanted a French Bulldog for years so have done lots of research and know exactly how much maintenance and financial backing they need. I knew we would get one eventually, but it needed to be the perfect one. After all, I already have Rocko cat, the grumpiest, fluffiest cat of all. He definitely takes priority in my life and I knew the nature of the dog would have to fit in with him. It wasn’t something we would rush into as we were well read on the subject.

Anyway, I digress. We went to meet Molly and she was perfect. The tiniest, snortiest thing I’ve ever seen and she went to climb straight into my handbag. I knew we had to get her. I paid the deposit and we went home to “puppy proof” the house in preparation for her arrival. Mr B took no persuasion as soon as he picked her up and she licked his face (something he lets her do on a daily basis now!)

Molly is a bundle of playfulness. A true pet in every sense. She is a terror, especially when she wants to gnaw on everything in site, including ears and noses, but she’s great fun. Even Rocko cat is coming round to her after a few months. He is 4 years old and not keen on anything apart from me and sleeping, but he creeps up to sniff her when she sleeps and chases her around which keeps them both fit. I think he secretly loves her, but he’d never admit it! 😉

Having a dog is a huge commitment, but it is also truly rewarding. I finally feel that I have a proper little family of my own. Two very different pets with VERY different characters and, yet, they are both adorable in their own way. I look forward to going home every night to the warm welcome and I don’t even mind the dirty work! I’m a proud Frenchie mother and can’t wait to record all of the exciting times we have to look forward to together (I’ll also be writing about Rocko Cat in The Adventures of Rocko Cat and Miss Mimi, my forthcoming children’s book).


180220143480150220143471Light and love, people. Mimi Cat xox


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