Don’t date a tattooed woman if you don’t like tattooed women (unless you’re prepared to dig deeper)


Although the title of this post seems somewhat obvious, it would appear that not everyone has got the memo on it. In the past, and slightly more recently, I have received messages off male friends of mine who find women with tattoos really appealing, but would NEVER go out with one. Because it has become more and more of an issue for me I thought it was about time I wrote about it and got some things off my chest.

Considering I am currently going out with a man who doesn’t find tattooed women attractive it seemed particularly poignant that I write this post. An off the cuff comment about finding someone unattractive due to them having tattoos (completely disregarding the fact the girl had a hell of a lot more issues going on than her tattoos and that he was talking to his heavily tattooed girlfriend at the time!) really struck a chord with me as he’s not alone in his opinion.

We currently live in a society where being tattooed is particularly common. It is no longer unusual to see people who are heavily tattooed – women included. So why is it still seen as taboo by many? Why are some people so fascinated by tattooed people, yet don’t want anything to do with them on a deeper level? It astounds me that people can be so ignorant in such a modern society.

Although I’ve had the bumf of people telling me that it isn’t feminine to have tattoos or that I looked more attractive with plain skin, it hasn’t put me off. I’m an old hand at strangers feeling the need to council me on my lifestyle choices because they are judging before getting to know the person underneath the ink. Being tattooed is a way for me to express my creative side. Every single piece of art on my body has been chosen by me….and chosen wisely. All too often we hear stories in the press or on tv about people who were drunk or made poor choices. That’s their stupid fault. It has nothing to do with tattoo culture or art.

I see tattoos as an art form. Some of my favourite artists create such astonishing pieces that even those who hate tattoos would be hard pressed to say they weren’t good.

Kelly Smith (my current artist) and Uncle Alan (hot air balloons) and two such creatives:Image


Tattooing women began as early as the 19th century. Some of these were for tribal reasons and others were for sideshows in circus’s. I have to admit that a lot of those women were tattooed against their will, but some of them became famous due to their unique look.

Cindy Ray (Real name Bev Robinson) was Australia’s first homegrown tattooed (and tattooist) pin-up girl, but until 1959, she was just your average girl trying to make it as a model. She had no tattoos and no interest in tattooing, until Harry Bartram, a photographer, offered to pay for her coverage.

By the end of her career, she was considered to be a confident tattooist. She tirelessly corresponded with her fan base and posed for hundreds of pictures, many more than she would have before she was tattooed. Her name was on books, tattoo machines, and jewellery kits. However, she had little or no input in the endorsement of these products, or even the promotion of her image. She wrote a book about her life called The Story of a Tattooed Girl.

It is sad to think that so many of these women, whose art-work is still popular today (traditional, old-skool tattooing is huge these days) were not in control of their look or their notoriety, but that was a sign of the times.

Nowadays women are in control of how they look and being tattooed could be seen as another part of emancipation. I don’t ever feel that my tattoos hold me back and I’m proud of how they look. That’s why I plan to get more. It has definitely become an addiction, but let’s face it – you come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing so why not have a ball on the way and be as creative as possible with the skin you live in. Obviously it isn’t for everyone, but I love being a living work of art and being able to collect different artists’ work on my skin is something I’m particularly proud of. It isn’t, of course, the main thing going for me. It is only a tiny part of a hugely creative individual with a brain and everything!

So, before you judge me – Hi, my name is Mia Hodgkinson. I work in a high powered Marketing job, have a blog and a sideline in personal styling. I love fashion and music from the 40s and 50s. I have a huge, fluffy cat and a crazy French bulldog and I love being creative and meeting like-minded people. There’s lots to love and dislike about me in equal measure, but I will always be true to myself. If this isn’t for you, then fine. We probably wouldn’t have been friends anyway and that will never have anything to do with how you look. It will be to do with your narrow-mindedness and lack of imagination.

So guys….if you like tattooed girls then ask one out, but don’t send them creepy messages before slinking back to your pretty, “safe” girlfriend with no tattoos. We may be considered the “fairer” sex, but we have definitely evolved quicker than you Neanderthals!

Light and love, people. Mimi Cat xox


2 thoughts on “Don’t date a tattooed woman if you don’t like tattooed women (unless you’re prepared to dig deeper)

  1. I have one tiny tattoo that was supposed to be a test run for pain tolerance so that I could be prepared for when I got my sleeve.
    I have no sleeve.
    Just that one lonely star on my wrist that Ashlee Simpson and Giselle have too…
    It’s because I married a man who hated tattoos.
    He grew up in a family where “cousin Dan’ would brand you with a ballpoint and a compass needle, so he associates tattoos with poor decisions and bad art.
    I do not; I see tattoos as works of art (if they’re done right), or stories waiting to be told.
    I wish I were covered in art.
    I feel like I am not being my authentic self with only that lonely star tattoo.

    If he goes first…I’m headed straight to the tattoo shop!

    • I think it’s a tough call and I know another of my friend’s didn’t get tattoos whilst in her relationship because her boyfriend hated them. I had tonnes of tattoos before I got with Mr B so he had to like it or lump it as there was no way of changing the way I looked (nor did I want to). It sometimes hurts when I see his ex’s or the famous people/page-3 “stunners” that he finds attractive as none of them have tattoos. However, they are ex’s for a reason and, let’s face it, we all have secret crushes on people who don’t look like our partners. It doesn’t mean anything. I think that if you really want tattoos you should get them. No point having regrets later down the line and wishing you had gotten them done. I will be a tattooed old lady and just know I will still love them. It’s an addiction and a great way of expressing your passions in pictures. It isn’t for everyone and I understand why some people don’t like them, but surely your husband wouldn’t want you to feel held back at all if it’s what you wanted? Plus….I’m sure he would end up loving the art just like he loves you. I do worry that if I were ever to become single I would limit myself with guys, however, knowing I’ve been true to myself and the style I have means that I wouldn’t want to be with people who judged me for having tattoos rather than loving me. I have so much more to offer than my skin.

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