Hi, Hello, Welcome

Hi, I’m Mia. I can’t say I’m new to this blogging malarky as I used to write for a feminism blog. When that wasn’t doing it for me anymore I decided to try avenues new. I’m a full time marketer, part time stylist and all round dreamer. I fly between the real world and inside my head on a regular basis and I’m kind of happy this way. My big passions are clothes, makeup, shoes and tattoos. I’m obsessive to the max and decided that it was about time I was slightly more superficial and talked about the things I know and am passionate about. Come on….it’s way more fun when you think of the pretty things rather than the things that annoy you. I chat/rant about those things in my spare time and on Twitter, but this is my forum for creativity and frivolity.Image I hope you enjoy this mix of short stories, reviews and general chit chat about some of my favourite things.


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